District Championships – Ladies

District Champion

Closed Event

1929Miss Kath Tulloch
1930Mrs. D. J. Decent
1931No Results Recorded
1932Miss SherwoodScone
1933Miss Veronica WilkinsonCessnock
1934Miss Kath TullochCessnock
1935Miss Kath TullochCessnock
1936Miss Kath TullochCessnock
1937Miss E. ScanesDungog
1938Mrs. W. GillonKurri Kurri
1939Mrs. W. GillonMaitland
1940No Contested
1941War Years
1942War Years
1943War Years
1944War Years
1945War Years
1946-53No Records
1954Mrs. Mary MooreSingleton
1955Mrs. Kath TullochCessnock
1956No Record
1957Mrs. May TurnerCessnock
1958Miss Noni BroadbentMuswellbrook
1959Miss Noni BroadbentMuswellbrook
1960Miss Noni BroadbentMuswellbrook
1961Mrs. May TurnerCessnock
1962Mrs. Dell WilsonKurri Kurri
1963Miss Judy CoxMuswellbrook
1964Miss Judy CoxMuswellbrook
1965Mrs. Judy HarmonMuswellbrook
1966Mrs. Dell WilsonKurri Kurri
1967Miss Melita BendeichBranxton
1968Mrs. Letty SteeleCessnock
1969Mrs. Pauline ThomasBranxton
1970Mrs. F. A. Day
1971Mrs. Pauline ThomasBranxton
1972Mrs. Yvonne AllomesMaitland
1973Mrs. Beryl FinneyKurri Kurri
1974Mrs. Joan MorrisseyMuswellbrook
1975Mrs. Pauline ThomasBranxton
1976Mrs. Pauline ThomasBranxton
1977Mrs. Pauline ThomasBranxton
1978Mrs. Pauline ThomasBranxton
1979Mrs. Pauline ThomasBranxton
1980Mrs. Pam ThompsonScone
1981Mrs. Beryl FinneyKurri Kurri
1982Mrs. Melita WatsonBranxton
1983Mrs. Del WilsonKurri Kurri
1984Mrs. Mena ForbesCessnock
1985Mrs. Pam ThompsonScone
1986Mrs. Gail GannonSingleton
1987Mrs. Melita WatsonBranxton
1988Mrs. Melita WatsonBranxton
1989Mrs. Pauline ThomasBranxton
1990Mrs. Dee DeitzScone
1991Mrs. Sue WattsScone
1992Mrs. Sue O’brienKurri Kurri
1993Mrs. Sue O’brienKurri Kurri
1994Mrs. Annie LonerganMuswellbrook
1995Mrs. Pauline ThomasBranxton
1996Mrs. Joan LewisWestside
1997Mrs. Sue WattsScone
1998Mrs. Sue O’brienKurri Kurri
1999Mrs. Judi O’brienMuswellbrook
2000Mrs. Melita WatsonBranxton
2001Mrs. Robyn MurrayScone
2002Not Contested
2003Not Contested
2004Not Contested
2005Mrs. Melita WatsonBranxton
2006Mrs. Melita WatsonBranxton
2007Miss Jordana KeatonMuswellbrook
2008Mrs. Melita WatsonBranxton
2009Miss Amanda BurnsThe Oaks
2010Mrs. Sue WattsScone
2011Mrs. Susan WilsonDenman
2012Mrs.Sue FordKurri Kurri
2013Miss Amanda BurnsStonebridge
2014Mrs. Dordie BraggMuswellbrook
2015Mrs. Liz WhiteThe Vintage
2016Mrs Dale HamiltonHunter Valley
2017Mrs Dale HamiltonHunter Valley
2018Mrs Lyn BanksScone
2019Mrs Liz WhiteThe Vintage
2020Mrs Liz WhiteThe Vintage
2021Miss Jasmine VesperSingleton

Open District Champion

2014Mrs. Dordie BraggMuswellbrook
2015Mrs. Kim BurkeShelly Beach
2016Mrs. Dom KellyBelmont
2017Mrs. Kim BurkeShelly Beach
2018Mrs Jude TarranShelly Beach
2019Mrs Kim BurkeShelly Beach
2020Not contestedCovid 19
2021Miss Jasmine VesperSingleton


2016Mrs. Melita WatsonHunter Valley
2017Mrs. Sue WilksMuswellbrook
2018Mrs Lyn BanksScone
2019Mrs Helen VandenbruggenCypress Lakes
2020Not contestedCovid 19
2021Miss Jasmine VesperSingleton


2016Mrs. Pat RileyDenman
2017Mrs. Merrie LlewelynMerriwa
2018Mrs Christine TancredHunter Valley
2019Mrs Maude ButtaDenman
2020Not contestedCovid 19
2021Mrs Di ThorleyDenman


2014Mrs. Caren CaldwellBranxton
2015Mrs. Colleen RockSingleton
2016Mrs. Lyn BanksScone
2017Ms Danae RoyalMuswellbrook
2018Mrs Nicole KearneyCessnock
2019Mrs Dale HamiltonHunter Valley
2020Mrs Liz WhiteThe Vintage


2014Mrs. Pam SnaddonHunter Valley
2015Mrs. Ruth WallaceScone
2017Mrs. Jenny DelaneySingleton
2018Ms Amy ReillyCessnock
2019Mrs Kerry McLennonScone
2020Mrs Jenny ChambersHunter Valley


2014Mrs. Marie GarveyBranxton
2015Mrs. Dawn JamiesonAberdeen
2016Mrs. Dawn JamiesonAberdeen
2017Mrs. Wendy PetersSingleton
2018Mrs Lois BrookerSingleton
2019Mrs Cathy GoodsellAberdeen
2020Mrs Neridah BuschBranxton

Division 2 Scratch Champion Open Event

2014Mrs.Ruth WallaceScone
2015Mrs. Helen WheatleyAberdeen
2016Mrs. Di ThorleyMerriwa
2017Mrs. Sue LusisBelmont
2018Mrs Jodie deGrootThe Vintage
2019Mrs Ali CaswellToukley
2020Not contestedCovid 19
2021Mrs Amanda FeldmayerHorizons

Division 3 Scratch Champion Open Event

2014Mrs. Jan PawleyEverglades
2015Mrs. Tanya CarriganMerriwa
2016Mrs. Bev CarmerNelson Bay
2017Mrs. Janet ChildBelmont
2018Mrs Andrienne TinklerShelly Beach
2019Mrs Jeanette IrwinHunter Valley
2020Not contestedCovid 19
2021Mrs Dearne CameronThe Vintage

District Nett Champion       Closed Event

1949Mrs. R. MillerCessnock
1950Mrs. E. BridgeKurri Kurri
1950Mrs. J. McdonaldKurri Kurri
1951Mrs. L.GrattonCessnock
1952Not Played
1953Mrs. Mary MooreSingleton
1954Mrs. D. M. SmithMaitland
1955Mrs. R. MillerCessnock
1956-2009Cup Mis-Placed – Event Not Played1956-2009
2010Mrs. Maree NevilleBranxton
2011Mrs. J. PittmanDenman
2012Mrs. Pat FieldingKurri Kurri
2013Mrs. Melita WatsonBraxnton
2014Mrs. Deanne HollisMuswellbrook
2015Mrs. Royalie ScianiThe Vintage
2016Mrs. Helen VandenbruggenBranxton
2017Ms. Amy ReillyCessnock
2018Mrs Jodie HindeMuswellbrook
2019Mrs Toy MartinThe Vintage
2020Mrs Tania DavisThe Vintage
2021Mrs Helen KirkBelmont

District Foursomes Championship

Open Event

1969Mrs. Pauline Thomas – Mrs. Melita WatsonBranxton
1970Mrs. Eunice Mccarron – Mrs. Letty SteeleCessnock
1971Mrs. Pauline Thomas – Mrs. Yvonne AllomnesBranxton Maitland
1972Mrs. Judy Harmon – Mrs. Joan MorrisseyMuswellbrook
1973Mrs. Dell Wilson – Mrs. Anne PurcellKurri Kurri
1974Mrs. Judy Harmon – Mrs. Joan MorrisseyMuswellbrook
1975Mrs. Dell Wilson – Mrs. Joy PartridgeKurri Kurri
1976Mrs. Pauline Thomas – Mrs. Mary PetrieBranxton Singleton
1977Mrs. Del Wilson – Mrs. Anne PurcellKurri Kurri
1978Mrs. Del Wilson – Mrs. Joy PartridgeKurri Kurri
1979Mrs. Pam Hannah – Mrs. Mena ForbesCessnock
1980Mrs. Del Wilson – Mrs. Anne PurcellKurri Kurri
1981Mrs. P. Pringle – Mrs. Heather RobinsonMaitland
1982Mrs. Beryl Finney – Miss Jan LloydKurri Kurri
1983Mrs. Beryl Finney – Miss Jan LloydKurri Kurri
1984Mrs. Del Wilson – Mrs. Joy PartridgeKurri Kurri
1985Mrs. Glenys Thatcher – Mrs. Delma NewmanSingleton
1986Mrs. Beryl Finney – Mrs. Del WilsonKurri Kurri
1987Mrs. Beryl Finney – Mrs. Del WilsonKurri Kurri
1988Mrs. Pauline Thomas – Mrs. Melita WatsonBranxton
1989Mrs. Del Wilson – Mrs. Betty PeacockKurri Kurri
1990Mrs. Pam Hannah – Mrs. Rhonda MilesCessnock
1991Mrs. Billy Amidy – Mrs. Di ThorleyMerriwa
1992Mrs. Sue O’brien – Mrs. Adele JohnsKurri Kurri
1993Mrs. Sue Watts – Mrs. Debbie CooperScone
1994Mrs. Sue O’brien – Miss Jan LloydKurri Kurri
1995Mrs. Sue O’brien – Miss Jan LloydKurri Kurri
1996Mrs. Chris Whitchurch – Mrs. K. MitchelsonMaitland
1997Mrs. Sue O’brien – Miss Jan LloydKurri Kurri
1998Mrs. Annie Lonergan – Miss Sandy LonerganMuswellbrook
1999Mrs. Annie Lonergan – Mrs. Dordie BreaggMuswellbrook
2000Mrs. Annie Lonergan – Mrs. Dordie BreaggMuswellbrook
2001Mrs. Annie Lonergan – Mrs. Robyn WatsonMuswellbrook
2015Mrs. Dale Hamilton - Mrs. Jenny ChambersHunter Valley
2016Mrs. Lindis Durham - Mrs. Dordie BraggMuswellbrook
2017Mrs. Dom Kelly - Mrs. Jill BlenkeyMerewether/Newcastle
2018Mrs Jude Tarran - Mrs Ann BakerShelly Beach
2019Mrs Liz White - Ms Jasmine VesperThe Vintage/Singleton
2020Not contestedCovid 19
2021Miss Jasmine Vesper - Mrs Carol KnoxSingleton/Merewether

Competition ceased because of lack of participation. Perpetual Trophy held by Melita Watson.

This event was re-introduced in 2015.  The original Silver Cup presented to the district by the Joint Coal Board in 1950s was found and was presented to the winners in 2015

District Foursomes Championship

Nett Champions

2015Mrs. Maree Gledhill - Mrs. Kristine McMahonThe Vintage
2016Mrs. Donna Goddard - Mrs. Royalie ScianiThe Vintage
2017Mrs. Helena Garden - Mrs. Rosie MooreShelly Beach
2018Mrs June Jukes - Mrs Annie WoodsScone
2019Mrs Jenny Bellamy - Mrs Elise FisherNewcastle
2020Not contestedCovid 19
2021Mrs Kim Abercrombie - Mrs Jo GeddesMerewether